The Pilot Program

Mote Net Pty Ltd


The Pilot Program is a limited scale rollout of our Smart Farm System to selected farmers, with farms withing 3 hours drive from Perth. The Pilot Program will be on a commercial basis with 2-year contract terms and on a fee paying basis. Discounts have been applied to monthly charges, to reflect the early stage development of the system and our business. All of our Pilot Program farms will continue to enjoy 30% discount from our listed fees into the future (conditions apply).

We plan to officially launch the Pilot Program by the end of April 2019.  We are inviting expressions of interest from farmers who would like to learn more about the Pilot Program and who meet the conditions for entry (see below).  Once we receive your expression of interest we will be in contact to discuss next steps.

The Smart Farm System enables the monitoring of farm infrastructure, livestock, and security at your convenience on any web-connected phone, tablet or desktop computer.  The use of the system provides time and money savings for farmers in reducing driving time, early warnings of situations needing attention and improved farm security.

We have six different solar-powered sensor modules, all designed with WA farm conditions in mind.  Data gathered from the sensors are passed by a gateway on the farm, via the Telstra 3G/4G network to a web-based database and website. Sensor module to gateway range is between 5 and 15 km based on how hilly or flat the land is.  Alert conditions can be defined on the website that provide email and SMS alert messages, direct to your nominated contact details, if an alert condition occurs. 

As a customer under the Pilot Program, you will have access to a secure farm website on which all of the farm’s sensor information and any alerts generated can be viewed.  The website displays all of the information gathered from our sensors in a simple, secure, accessible, and user-friendly way, with the main screen being a map based farm dashboard. If you would like to view the first prototype of the dashboard, click here.


We are still drafting the terms and conditions for the service, but for now the following simplified conditions for entry apply to the Pilot Program:

  1. Your farm is within 3 hours drive of Perth.
  2. The farm has some locations on it which have both (1) Reliable Telstra 3G/4G mobile network coverage AND (2) a single phase power socket (240 Volt AC) available .
  3. You agree to sign up for 10 sensors modules (your choice, can be any combination of any of our 6 sensor module types) for a 2 year contract.
  4. You agree that Mote Net people can come onto the farm for an initial installation and commissioning visit, and if we need to maintain any of our equipment on the farm (notice given, daytime only).

For its part, during the term of the contract, Mote Net will:

  1. Provide, install and commission the agreed sensors and the gateway for monitoring at the farm.
  2. Provide the Telstra 3G/4G data link.
  3. Provide all website data storage (all data is owned by the farm) and web based farm dashboard and associated webpages in a secure manner.
  4. Provide all services to ensure alerts generated are sent to the nominated email/mobile phone numbers.
  5. Maintain and repair/replace any faulty item.


The costs for the Pilot Program provision of the Smart Farm System will be:

  1. $10 per month per sensor (payable monthly in arrears by EFT or Credit Card).
  2. An agreed installation and commissioning fee, which we can quote once we review your details and number of sensors etc.