Our Sensors

Mote Net Pty Ltd

Here is our current list of sensors.

If you are interested in another sensor type which is not listed, please contact us.

  • Common features of all our sensors:
    1. LORAWAN wireless protocol
    2. 5 to 15 km range
    3. Licence free wireless
    4. Solar powered with battery (no external wiring)
    5. Designed for Australian farm conditions
    6. Alerts by SMS or email direct to farmer 24×7
    7. Visibility anywhere in the world on secure web dashboard
  • Tank (or Bin) Level Sensor
    1. Tank (or bin) top sensor (can also be used for dams)
    2. 0 to 5m range, no contact with tank/bin contents required
    3. Continuous tank/bin level reading
    4. Alert on low (or high) level or fast rate of level change
    5. Default sensor is for water or solids, contact us for diesel fuel/ULP level monitoring
  • Trough Empty Sensor
    1. Suits troughs or other continuously filled water storages
    2. Height adjustable for low/empty detection trigger point
    3. PVC pipe construction to avoid corrosion
    4. Alert on low water height
  • Door Sensor
    1. Non-contact magnetic switch
    2. Alerts when door is opened or closed (selectable)
    3. Suitable for shed or remote building doors
  • Asset Tracker
    1. For vehicles, quad bikes, motor bikes
    2. 5 minute position updates on map display
  • Soil Moisture Sensor – Coming Soon!