Our Sensors

Mote Net Pty Ltd

Here is our current list of sensors. These sensors are available in April 2019 to farmers under our Pilot Program.

If you are interested in another sensor type which is not listed, please contact us.

  • Common features of all our sensors:
    1. LORAWAN wireless protocol
    2. 5 to 15 km range
    3. Licence free wireless
    4. Solar powered with battery (no external wiring)
    5. Designed for Australian farm conditions
    6. Alerts by SMS or email direct to farmer 24×7
    7. Visibility anywhere in the world on secure web dashboard
  • Tank Level Sensor
    1. Tank top sensor (can also be used for dams)
    2. 0 to 5m range
    3. Continuous tank level reading
    4. Alert on low water level or fast rate of level change
    5. Default sensor is for water, contact us for diesel fuel/ULP level monitoring
  • Trough Empty Sensor
    1. Suits troughs or other continuously filled water storages
    2. Height adjustable for low/empty detection trigger point
    3. PVC pipe construction to avoid corrosion
    4. Alert on low water height
  • Gate Position Sensor
    1. Non-contact magnetic switch
    2. Alerts when gate opened or closed (selectable)
  • Motion Sensor
    1. For buildings & sheds
    2. Programmable on/off times for alerts
    3. Alerts when motion detected
  • Livestock Tracker
    1. Collar based. Suits cattle or sheep.
    2. 10-minute position updates on map display
    3. Alerts on animal out of paddock
  • Asset Tracker
    1. For vehicles, quad bikes, motor bikes
    2. 5 minute position updates on map display
  • Soil Moisture Sensor – Coming Soon!