Mote Net Commences Second Farm Trial of GPS Tracking

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Mote Net Commences Second Farm Trial of GPS Tracking

August 3, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Mote Net’s second farm trial of its LoRaWAN based GPS tracking technology for livestock commenced today, with 4 cattle (two cows and two bulls) having GPS tracking collars placed on them at the “Maybenup” farm of Jim and Pam McGregor (Ardcairnie Angus – Black Angus stud). Below are two pictures of a bull with our GPS collar module fitted. The collars, modules and website have been significantly improved since the first trial in April 2018, with out-of-paddock alerts sent to email and SMS and other distance travelled analysis provided. The collars have improved solar cell battery charging, allowing for extended operation.  The trial will provide us with information on optimised design for our goal of indefinite duration of operation of the collars. Please contact Mote Net for more information on this news article.

Pictures of bull with GPS collar module fitted.

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