First Field Trial of LoRaWAN based GPS Livestock Tracking

Mote Net Pty Ltd

First Field Trial of LoRaWAN based GPS Livestock Tracking

April 14, 2018 Mote Net 0

Mote Net commenced its first field trial of its LoRaWAN based GPS livestock tracking system today. The trial is running at the Ardcairnie Angus stud, just south of Kojonup in WA. The stud owners, Jim and Pam McGregor, kindly agreed to participate in the trial. Mike Dean & Lance MacArthur travelled to the farm and with the help of Jim and Pam, installed the Gateway Base Station at a central point on the farm.  One heifer (NLS suffix M191) then had a collar attached and tracking of her movements commenced.  We will be using the trial for evaluating the prototype design and for improvement of all aspects of the system. More on progress and the outcome of our trial to follow.  Please call or email Mote Net on 0455 340 759 or for more information on the trial or any aspect of GPS livestock tracking.

Heifer M191 pictured wearing the prototype GPS tracking module collar

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