Customer Feedback from Trial No. 2

Mote Net Pty Ltd

Customer Feedback from Trial No. 2

November 26, 2018 Uncategorized 0

To the Mote Net team:

We were privileged to take part in the research project with Mote Net to find out how their technology could be used in a stock farm situation. In the process, each of us have learnt much about each other’s field of expertise – us about their tracking technology ability and them about cattle farming.

The information from collar-mounted GPS system – initially on a heifer about to calve, then on two bulls and two cows in two mating paddocks – was so very interesting to check and we learnt a lot about animal movements with recordings coming through every five minutes, with details shown in graph form of the past hour, the past 24 hours and the past week. Interesting to note when they were asleep!

Especially of value was a text warning if an animal strayed out of his or her designated grazing cell of (usually) four paddocks.  We value that application and will certainly use it during mating season – as a stud operation with the need for accurate record-keeping, it is essential to know if a bull has strayed or is inactive.

We are also looking forward to being able to use other applications – gate movement detection, asset trackers on vehicles, water tank levels and other ongoing developments.

The personnel at Mote Net have been so easy to deal with and we look forward to continuing that relationship into the future.

Jim and Pam McGregor, Ardcairnie Angus Stud, Kojonup Western Australia.

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