About Us

Mote Net Pty Ltd

Our Team

Mote Net started in July 2017 and is based in Perth, Western Australia. Here’s our team:

Mike Dean


Mike is an electrical and control systems engineer who has worked in various industry sectors in WA. He helps set the direction and contributes to the system designs.

Stephan Flumm


Stephan joined Mote Net in August 2019.

He graduated with a degree in Electronics Engineering. His focus is on the development and production of LoRa-Enabled sensors and gateways.

Ryan Hodgson

Web Developer

Ryan joined Mote Net in February 2020 as a web developer. Ryan is completing a Masters of Professional Engineering at the University of Western Australia. His focus is the improvement and extension of the user-friendly Mote Net Dashboard, which displays all of the information from farm sensors.

Jasper Dean

Marketing & Sales

Jasper joined Mote Net in July 2019 with a focus on marketing and sales of the Mote Net Smart Farm System.

Our Services

Mote Net is currently focused at delivery of its Smart Farm System to  farmers.

We also have diverse skills in other applications for LoRaWAN wireless communication, including sensor development, gateway design, LoRa middleware, backend and website development. Contact Us