The Mote Net Smart Farm System

The system that provides farmers with improved efficiency, farm security and peace of mind

The Mote Net Smart Farm

The Mote Net Smart Farm is an end-to-end solution for farmers wishing to obtain the benefits of remotely monitoring their property. The System includes all of the required elements needed for a trouble-free solution:

  • Battery/solar-powered wireless sensors.
  • On-property wireless infrastructure.
  • Secure dashboard and web application.
  • Alerts sent to SMS and email.
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How Does It Work?

The Mote Net Smart Farm System combines the latest technologies to provide farmers with an end-to-end system tailored to their properties:

Property Assessment

We gather information on each property with a free property asssessment. With this information, we are able to design and quote a system that is guaranteed to under a property’s specific conditions.


Building the System

Based on the results of the farm assessment, we build the necessary equipment, and make the configurations needed a property-specific user-friendly Smart Farm Dashboard.


Peace of Mind

With 24/7 monitoring via the Smart Farm Dashboard, and real-time email and SMS alerts, there is no need to worry about any unexpected events on your property.