Property Dashboard

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All times given are in Australian Western Standard Time (AWST) and are in 24 hour format.
Sections of the dashboard that are not yet operational are greyed out and display sample data rather than actual data for this farm.


Latest GPS reading for herd: (AWST). All references to time periods (last day, week, month, year) in this Livestock panel are set relative to this time.

Herd List

Animal Name
Metres in Last
Assigned Paddock

Head Count by Paddock

Distance Travelled Histogram

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Mobile Equipment

Asset Name Last Moved Last Reading Time

Farm Map

  • Click on an asset icon to go to the details page for that asset.
  • Click on a paddock boundary point to find out which paddock it belongs to.
  • Icons with label text in black indicate out of date positions or data (i.e. more than 15 minutes old), which may indicate a problem with the sensor or the farm Gateway.


animal mobile equipment
water storage gate
motion detector paddock boundary

Farm Alerts

Date/Time Sensor/Asset Alert Description Parameter Value Alert Status
11:30 07/09/18 J162 Animal out of paddock Distance from fence (m) 50 Active
09:30 06/09/18 Tank 2 Water level too low Water Level (m) 0.199 Active

System Diagnostic Alerts

Date/Time Sensor/Asset Alert Description Parameter Value Alert Status
21:30 02/09/18 M59 Battery low Battery voltage (mV) 3200 Active


Name Status Battery Charge (%)
Gateway 1 Active 100%

Water Level Sensors

KEY    *Litres only shown for prismatic vessels
cm level in centimetres current level
L level in litres* minimum allowable level
water level sensor maximum allowable level
Name Shape Height (cm) a) Cross-sectional Area (m2) b) Taper Angle (deg) c)

a) Height from sensor downward to base of container
b) Base cross-sectional area if a tapered container
c) Angle to the vertical of sides



Name / Location Status Last Open Last Closed Last Reading

Motion Detectors

Name / Location Last Detection Start Last Detection End