Mote Net develops wireless technology for use in agricultural tracking and data collection.

Our system uses a long range wireless network to send GPS location and sensor data to a base station.

The data can be securely accessed online for analysis and alerts sent via SMS or email.

Livestock GPS Tracking

We are testing and trialing a Livestock GPS Tracking system. This system shall allow real time tracking of livestock location, movement and behaviour, allowing farmers to remotely monitor their animals in real time.

We have software tools that allow alerts to be generated to warn the farmers when animals are outside a permitted zone or their movement is in a pre-defined pattern.

Each tracked animal will carry a small wireless GPS tracker module in a collar around its neck.

Who We Are

Mote Net started in July 2017 and is based in Perth, Western Australia. Here’s our team:

Lance MacArthur


Lance began at Mote Net in July 2017. He graduated from Curtin University with a degree in Computer Systems Engineering. His focus is on the development of the mote modules and the hardware of the gateway in our projects.

Mike Dean


Mike is an electrical and control systems engineer who has worked in various industry sectors in WA. He helps set the direction and contributes to the system designs.

Jasper Dean


Jasper started with Mote Net in July 2017. With a background in Design and Marketing, his role is to design our web presence and develop the marketing and sales strategy of the project.

LoRaWAN Technology

Our technology uses a long-range wireless system known as LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network), it is a network protocol based on a new wireless technology to communicate up to 15 km in outdoor locations. This technology allows for a low cost telemetry of data and control. The protocol is a global standard, it is encrypted and highly secure. You can find out more about this technology here:


In addition to the Livestock GPS Tracking system described above, we provide the following applications for our LoRaWAN based telemetry system in the agriculture sector. 

  • Monitoring and graphing of animal weights.
  • Monitoring, graphing and alerts for animal or barn/shed/greenhouse temperature.
  • GPS Tracking of farm vehicles.
  • Monitoring and alerts for dam or trough levels or water quality.
  • Monitoring and alerts for water temperatures, salinity, TDS, opacity, pH, ORP for aquaculture applications.
  • Monitoring of windmill rotation.
  • Monitoring of soil moisture.
  • Detection and alerts for gate position (open/closed).
  • Remote control of gates (manual or automatic).
  • Remote activation of feed or supplement dispensers.
  • Automatic bush fire (smoke and/or flame) detection and automated alert generation (sms or email).

Contact us for a demonstration or to discuss these potential applications. 

Our Services

Mote Net can provide the following services in a flexible, cost effective and responsive way.

• System evaluation, scoping, conceptual designs.

• Detailed design, implementation and commissioning.

• Site support and maintenance.

• Ongoing data management, visualisation development and data reporting.